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Unique Dossier.- “Propaganda; British Frontier Service / 511.  Vol. II: Opened 30-2-65, Closed 18 Jun 69.” [46337]

"Everything has its limits! Even miniskirts."

Front of DDR aerial propaganda leaflet: Alles Hat Seine Grenzen! Es gibt sie beim Minirock... (Everything has its limit! Even miniskirts...)

In the mid 1960s, a heated barrage of artillery over the inner German border (separating the Soviet and Western occupation zones) delivered neither explosives nor shrapnel, but aerial propaganda leaflets. This was, after all, the cold war, and neither side wanted to risk an incident that could lead to World War III.  From Lübeck and  Schmidekopf, British Frontier Service operatives deployed to monitor and ameliorate tensions between the two sides kept a tidy, no-nonsense record of the exchange, thereby documenting its remarkable absurdities. [click to continue…]