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Ann Prin

Miscarriage. The Abortive Attempt.  Nos. 13 (1977) – 14; 16 – 19; 20; 22 – 30; 30 (bis) – 36 (March 1978) (dated per the postal cancellation). [Title and subtitle vary.] Collection of 23 weekly issues (ca. 2-6 leaves each). Boston / Jamaica Plain, MA (10 Priesing Street) 1977-1978. (47328)

Like most cities in the United States, Boston can lay claim to a punk-era history all its own.  The venerable Boston Groupie News, the Subway News, and later, Forced Exposure are among the better-known chronicles of such indigenous noise and youthful exuberance that flourished along the banks of the Charles River between the mid 1970s and the late 80s.  Now we can add Miscarriage to the list of essential Boston underground fanzines.

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